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    Pakker: The easiest online database

    Creating, managing and sharing data in real-time from everywhere...

    ...without any programming...

    ...on any device

  • Organize and share your

    contacts, orders, invoices, recipes, inventories, anything

    in 3 simple steps

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    Visually create your pack layout


    Add any number of input fields, images, videos, and many more.

    Your layout will adapt for all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile)

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    Add data from anywhere


    Start adding data from anywhere and on any device.

    Search and export CSV as you go

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    Invite your friends and colleagues


    You can share all your packs with any number of users for no additional cost.

    Of course, you can control the access rights by user

  • With Pakker, you create online databases in a few clicks and share it with anyone you want.

    See how Pakker can help you:


    Design databases without any programming with the drag'n'drop visual designer

    Includes Text, Tags, Images, Videos, Files and many more

    Collaborate and share data in real-time with other users

    Link different data records with Pack Relations

    Automate data calculation with over 120 Functions

    Changes Notifications to keep track of database changes

    Mobile ready

    Complete Documentation and Tutorials

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    Get started now for FREE

    • 30-Days Free Trial
    • No Credit Card required
    • Cancel any time
    • Unlimited cards in your trial packs
    • Share with any user

  • Pricing

    Start with 30 days free trial. No credit card required.

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    Pakker for Community



    Edit Unlimited Shared Packs

    No Pack (Database) Creation

    No Sharing


    • Access to unlimited number of packs shared with you
    • Add unlimited cards to shared packs if you have the right
    • Modify the template of shared packs, if the owner allowed you to do so
    • Upgrade at any time when needed
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    Pakker Standard

    $3 / month



    5 Packs (Databases)

    5'000 Cards (Records)

    Unlimited Users


    • All the features of the Pakker for Community package
    • Get e-mail support
    • Keep any number of archived packs
    • Share your packs with any user
    • Control the access rights of your packs
    • Export your packs in MS Excel files
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    Pakker Author

    $19 / month


    Unlimited Packs (Databases)

    Unlimited Cards (Records)

    Unlimited Users


    • All the features of the Pakker Standard package
    • Unlimited Packs
    • Unlimited Cards
  • See how you can create personal databases

    without any programming

    Discover how easy it is with Pakker

    Pack Designer

    Design your card pack with our powerful layout editor. ​

    With Pack Designer you can create in minutes complete data forms visually from scratch or from one of the available templates.


    You can adding fields, customize their properties and rearrange the layout without any programming skills.

    Edit your data from anywhere

    Fill in your data from everywhere

    Once your pack designed you can fill the data right away. Adding new records, navigate, search, reorganize and export to Excel is just a click away.


    You can edit your cards from anywhere, on your desktop, your tablet or your phone. The form layout will adapt automatically to your device.


    Share your data with anyone

    Invite your friends, colleagues, family to consult, modify or even design your packs.


    Additional users can participate to your data management without any additional fee.

  • Our mission : provide the easiest tools to manage and share data

    Who we are

    We at pakker.io have a true passion for simple and well designed solutions - after all, we are based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in the middle of the Watch Valley, at the heart of the Swiss watch-making industry .


    By the way, if you are curious, the name pakker comes from index cards you can find in libraries. In our jargon a pakker is a tool that packs data together in a nice and clean card stack.

    Why Pakker ?

    When it comes to data, our conviction is that it should not take more than 5 minutes for anyone to build a simple database and share it with colleagues, family and friends. Recipes, book or stamp or wine collections, local sport club inventories, custom contact lists, you name it, do not need complex databases and programming skills. Everyone should be able to create it with simple tools and access it from everywhere.


    We have designed pakker.io to help you create simple databases, manage and share them the easiest way possible, online. And we are proud of it.